The RSD symposia have produced a series of publications as proceedings and papers, with a focus on interdisciplinary systemics and design theory. Each symposium develops more case studies and field research in social and policy services, as the range of applicable domains and methods continues to expand. The scientific review committee for the RSD symposia has been led by the co-chairs, and in 2015 we are opening the committee and reviewers to a wider circle.

Chair of scientific review committee:  Peter Jones, Ph.D.  OCAD University
Review Committee:  Birger Sevaldson, Ph.D., Alex Ryan, Ph.D., Jodi Forlizzi Ph.D. 

RSD Proceedings (Extended Abstracts)

     RSD2 2013, Oslo

     RSD3 2014, Oslo 

     RSD4 2015, Banff

     RSD5 2016, Toronto

FORMakademisk   Selected papers from RSD3 were reviewed and prepared for three special issues of FORMakademisk.

Vol 7, No 3 (2014): Relating Systems Thinking and Design I (Practice Issue)

Vol 7, No 4 (2014): Relating Systems Thinking and Design II (Theory Issue)

Vol 10, N0 1 (2017): Relating Systems Thinking and Design III