RSD4 Keynotes

Five keynote speakers presented a range of compelling intellectual engagements, from Don Norman’s provocations to develop a design practice capable of dealing with significant complexity, to Lia Patricio’s resonant case study of integration in the Portuguese health records system, to AP-J’s cutting-edge architectural and system design for cooperative regional development. Ursula Tischner from Germany and South Africa’s professor Mugendi M’Rithaa shared leading sustainability approaches.

Don Norman – Can HCD Help with Complex Sociotechnical Systems?

















Lia Patricio – A Framework for Co-creating Service Platforms














Ann Pendleton-Jullian – Designing for Emergence for Radically Contingent Problems

Ann Pendleton















Mugendi M’Rithaa – Renewing Africa’s Quest for Sustainable Energy















Ursula Tischner  – “Crowd” based Systemic Design and Innovation for Sustainability