RSD5 Keynotes

Keynote Speakers and Panel

Five keynote addresses were given at RSD5, offering a range of applications and insights generated by looking at the world through the lens of systemic design; found in Paul Pangaro’s vision for the design of conversations, in the progress  Liz Sanders has made in conceptualizing and creating the space for imagination and enactment in the design process, from societal evolution in the ‘Demoscopio’ project, presented by Aleco Christakis and Maria Kakoulaki, to the conceptualization of technological “Interactivity” presented by Erik Stolterman, and finally with Humberto Maturana in a conversation on Designing with Others, “for Society and Meta-systems.” Sketchnotes by Patricia Kambitsch.

Panel:  Craft of Policy Design

What are policy innovators practicing? Where do policy innovators want to go next?
Matthew Mendelsohn (Moderator), Deputy Secretary for Results and Delivery, Privy Council Office of Canada
Alex Ryan, Manager of CoLab, Alberta Energy, Government of Alberta
Maureen O’Neil, O.C., President of Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement
Joeri van den Steenhoven, Director of Solutions Lab, MaRS Discovery District

Paul Pangaro
Designing Conversations for Socially-Conscious Design

Liz Sanders
Imagining a Co-Design Space for Systems

Aleco Christakis & Maria Kakoulaki
Demoscopio Culture: How do we Empower and Liberate Citizen’s Voices in Designing their own Social Systems?  

 Design with Dialogue Workshop – Video presented at RSD5 keynote

Erik Stolterman
Interactivity Fields and Systems


Humberto Maturana
Co-Designing for Society and Meta-Systems   

“Co-Designing” Transcript and Reflection (PDF)