RSD8 2019

Proceedings of Relating Systems Thinking and Design (RSD8) 2019 Symposium 

Editor: Peter Jones, OCAD University   
Editorial Team: Carlos Teixeira, IIT Institute of Design, Jananda Lima, Ana Matic, Goran Matic, OCAD University

Citation: Author. (2019). Article title. In Proceedings of Relating Systems Thinking and Design (RSD8) 2019 Symposium. IIT Institute of Design, Chicago, October 13-15, 2019.

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Published Articles

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Keynote & Plenaries

  • Carlos Teixeira: Design Strategy in Complex Spaces of Innovation
  • Chris Rudd: Community-Empowered Systems Change
  • Saskia Sassen: Dressed in Wall Street Suits and Algorithmic Math Assemblages of Complex Predatory Formations
  • Terry Irwin: Transition Design: Designing for Systems-Level Change and Transitions Toward More Sustainable Futures
  • Charles Bezerra: Towards the Whole—A Tribute to Charles L. Owen

Health and Well-Being

  • Gyuchan Thomas Jun & Aneurin Canham: Systemic Analysis of a Large-Scale Organisation Failure in UK Healthcare
  • Zichao Nie, Francesco Zurlo, Elisabetta Camussi & Chiara Annovazzi: Potential Therapeutic Effects on Design for Psychological Well-being
  • Natalia Radywyl: Designing for Systems of Service in NYC Homeless Shelters
  • Cheryl Hsu & Hayley Lapalme: Hospitals as Anchor Institutions: Eco-Systemic Leadership to Nourish Patient, Community, and Planetary Health

Flourishing Settlement Ecologies

  • Marie Davidova: Breathing Walls for Cross-Species Co-Living Adaptation in Built Environment: The Bio-Climatic Layers in Systemic Approach to Architectural Performance
  • Xue Pei, Carla Sedini & Francesco Zurlo: Co-Designing a Walkable City for the Elderly
  • Amina Pereno & Silvia Barbero: A Systemic District for Sustainable Tourism: Co-Designing Interconnected Networks for Enhancing the Natural and Cultural Heritage of Local Ecosystems
  • Palak Dudan: Unpacking Gentrification 2.0: A Systems-Oriented Design Study Uncovering Underlying Systemic Forces in the Context of Access to Housing

Social Systems Labs & Methodology

  • Linda Blaasvær & Birger Sevaldson: SOD as a Democratic Design Technique
  • Andreas Wettre, Birger Sevaldson & Palak Dudani: Bridging Silos: A New Workshop Method for Training Silo Busting
  • Cheryl Hsu & Adrienne Pacini: Designing Systems Outcomes as Desirable Side Effects: Reflections from the CMHC Solutions Labs
  • Philippe Gauthier, Marie D. Martel, Sébastien Proulx & Johanne Broch: Towards Impact Design for Public Services: Assess Impact is to Care is to Design is to Assess Impact

Mapping & Methodology

  • Ryan Murphy, Jennifer DeCoste & Heather Laird: Open Social Mapping: Participatory Modeling of Social Systems
  • Joanna Boehnert & Simon Mair: Mapping Productivity, Energy, and Wellbeing
  • Gordon Rowland: Developing Systemic Design Tools: The CHRIIS Model

Organizations & Services

  • Tim Tompson & Murray Stubbs: Fractal Market Map: A Visual Tool to Understand and Shape a Business’s Most Critical Relationships
  • Juan de la Rosa, Leon Paul Hovanesian Ii & Karolina Kohler: Using Systemic Design for the Understanding and Evolving of Organizational Culture
  • Kirk Weigand & Peter Jones: Collaborative Foresight for Long-Range Problem Discovery in Complex R&D
  • Sofie Wass & Lise Amy Hansen: Inclusive Worklife Innovation – Reflections on Problem Framing and Solution Spaces Across Systems

Conversations on Systemic Design (I & II)

  • Shanu Sharma: Modelling Stigmergy: Evolutionary Framework for System Design
  • Tore Gulden: Not-Play and Play: How Acting Cybernetically Happens in Human Play
  • Piotr Michura: Eigenforms of Time
  • Birger Sevaldson: What is Systemic Design? Practices Beyond Modeling & Analysis
  • Ben Sweeting: The Generator as a Paradigm for Systemic Design
  • Benedicte Wildhagen and Tone Bergan: Outside in: Activation and Impact through Improved Understanding

Systems Change

  • Leah Zaidi: Using Culture for Systems Change
  • Zaid Khan & David Ing: Paying Attention to Where Attention is Placed in the Rise of System(s) Change(s)
  • Mieke van der Bijl-Brouwer, Tyler Key, et al.: Improving Well-being in Universities- a Transdisciplinary Systems Change Approach
  • Aishwarya Narvekar, Aishwarya Rane, Kamal Dahiya, Pankaj Yadav & Praveen Nahar: Design as a Tool for Reformation in the Juvenile Justice System through a Participatory Approach

Transition to Ecological Economies

  • Ashwathy Satheesan: Designing for Second Life: Systemic Design for Sustainable Packaging in Appliance Manufacturing Industry
  • Perin Ruttonsha: Resetting the Growth Curve
  • Tom Snow: Divisions to Integrations: An Ecological and Economic Foundation Supporting Regenerative Modes of Production
  • Ahmed Ansari, Francis Carter & Sofia Bosch Gomez: Practice-led Pedagogy for Socio-Technical Transitions: A Case Study in Systems Thinking

Systems of Governance

  • Josina Vink, Kaarina Wetter-Edman and Kaisa Koskela-Huotari:
    Designerly Approaches to Shaping Social Structures
  • Michael Arnold Mages: Designing Difficult Community Conversations for Multiple Stakeholders
  • Heather Chaplin: Reimagining Local News to Fulfill its Democratic Function
  • Juan de La Rosa, Stan Ruecker, Claudia Grisales & Carolina Giraldo: Systemic Design for Democratic Engagement: Where the Bottom-up and Top-down Process Meet
  • Nenad Rava: Integrated Policy, Sustainable Development Goals, and New Change and Governance Models: Case Study of the UN’s Joint SDG Fund

Workshops and Activity Groups

  1. When is Systemic Design Regenerative? Fishbowl Dialogue.
    Justyna Swat, Tobias Luthe, Birger Sevaldson
  2. Tangible Thinking: Materializing How We Imagine and Understand Systems, Experiences, and Relationships
    Dan Lockton, Lisa Brawley, Manuela Aguirre Ulloa, Matt Prindible, Laura Forlano, Karianne Rygh, John Fass, Katie Herzog & Bettina Nissen
  3. Probing the Future, Acting Today a Workshop into Learning from the Far Future and its Possible Consequences for the Present
    Rosa de Vries, Tanja Enninga, Caroline Maessen & Remko van der Lugt
  4. Visualizing Systems: Applying Good Practices from the SystemViz Project Peter Stoyko
  5. What’s the Worst That Could Happen? Creative Visualization Tools for Ethical Foresight
    Sydney Luken, Jonathan Healey, J.R. Osborn & Evan Barba
  6. DesignShop for Systemic Transformation
    Dee Brooks, Ziyan Hossain & Leah Zaidi
  7. Designing Sustainable Futures with the Systemic Design Toolkit Kristel Van Ael, et al.
  8. Core Shifts for Emerging Desired Futures: Unpacking the Collective Unconscious
    Jananda Lima & Tieni Meninato
  9. What’s in a Name? Edge-ucating through Gameification, Exploring the Edges of Communities and Eco-systems in their Contexts
    Susu Nousala, David Ing, Marco Cataffo, Filippo Fabrocini & Thomas Marlowe
  10. Getting the Whole System into the… Map: Addressing Key Issues in Open Social Mapping
    Ryan Murphy, Jennifer DeCoste & Heather Laird

Activity Groups

Planning Activities for Systems and Services

  1. A Method to Include System Mapping in Strategic Planning
    Alana Boltwood & Fran Quintero Rawlings
  2. Developing Strategic Narratives: Designing Services as Systems Majid Iqbal

Systemic Design in Social Justice

  1. Informed Empathy: Tool, Practice, System
    Shefali Bohra, Supreetha Krishnan, Vaidehie Chiplunkar, Awanee Joshi, Swayamsiddha Priyadarshi, Praveen Nahar & Sahil Thappa
  2. Feminist Design: Methodologies for Equity and Inclusion Ali Place
  3. Creating More Human Cities: Exploring Methods for Strengthening and Sustaining Community
    Ruben Ocampo, Tim Tompson & Murray Stubbs

Innovation Transitions

  1. Disruption, Innovation, Opportunity: The Power of Circularity within the Commercial Built Environment
    Stephanie Rebello, Rebecca Black, Jale Gonulkapan Suder & Chantal Frenette
  2. Principles-Based Designing for Transition
    Tara Campbell & Ariana Lutterman

Exhibition: System Maps & Prototypes


Photographs of RSD8 are curated in the proceedings.