RSD6 Table of Contents

Proceedings of RSD6, Relating Systems Thinking and Design 6
Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Oslo, Norway  18th-20th October 2017


Birger Sevaldson
RSD6 Opening lecture: The status of Systemic Design



Richard Buchanan:
Dialectic and Inquiry in Design

John Ehrenfeld:
Flourishing Lives in Another World

Karl Otto Ellefsen:
The imprints of the fisheries on land

Michael Hensel:
Rights to Ground

Sabine Junginger: 
Systemic Design Approaches in the Public Sector

Lucy Kimbell: 
From Transformation Design to Translation Design


Plenary Lectures

Praveen Nahar:
In memory of Ranjan: The NID approach to Systemic Design

Onny Eikhaug and Tom Vavik:
Democracy for All – Inclusive design in practice

Kees Dorst:
Design beyond design

Ben Sweeting:
Cybernetics, virtue ethics  and design

Joanna Boehnert:
The Visual Representation of Complex Systems


Democracy, Participation and design

Natalija Fisher and Jenny Whyte: 
Nova Agora: How an online platform deconstructs policy disputes to inform deliberative democracy

Niloufar Gharavi: 
Design With / For Now, Co-creation among design students and refugees. 

Giada Pezzi, Marco D’Urzo and Cristian Campagnaro: 
Systemic design and social marginalization 

Marie Lena Heidingsfelder, Florian Schütz and Martina Schraudner: 
Who participates in participatory research and innovation?

Michael Arnold Mages: 
Designing for Civic Conversations


Public sector, social services and policy design

Kristin Støren Wigum: 
Designing with municipalities – democracy in practice?

Bridget Malcolm: 
Introducing systemic design to support an Australian Government regulatory agency address complex problems.

Manuela Aguirre, Janey Ro, Paulina Buvinic and Katalina Papic: 
Co-designing cultures within public organizational systems.

Benedicte Wildhagen and Sissel Kristin Hoel: 
Mind the gap! A Norwegian Trial Incentive Program to stimulate government agencies management resources.

Surya Teja Bachu, Aravind Ratheesh, Bharat Kashyap, Julia Andreyyeva and Praveen Nahar: 
Design for The Other Side: Prison Reforms through building resilience. 


Theory and Philosophy of Systemic Design

Dino Karabeg and Fredrik Refsli:
 The Paradigm Strategy

Piotr Michura and Stan Ruecker: 
Design as production of presence – systemic approach to re-designing novelty.



Jyotish Sonowal and Peter Jones:
Reconceiving the Hospital as a Business for Flourishing


Systemic Design Methods and Methodology

Hilde Opoku and Kristin Støren Wigum:
Storytelling as a driver for policy developments

Wouter Kersten, Jan Carel Diehl and Jo van Engelen: 
Putting the horse in front of the wagon: how a multi-contextual design space successfully addresses complex challenge

Andres Pineda, Ulrik Jørgensen and Erik Hagelskjær Lauridsen: 
Sustainable System Design
Francis Carter, Silvia Mata-Marin, Dimeji Onafuwa, Ahmed Ansari and Dan Lockton: 
Changing behavior of the systems we’re in: Designing for transitions in Environment, Economy, and Democracy



Idil Gaziulusoy and Chris Ryan: 
Imagining Transitions: Designing a Visioning Process for Systemic Urban Sustainability Futures.

Jeremy Bowes, Manpreet Juneja, Carl Skelton, Sara Diamond, Marcus Gordon, Cody Dunne, Davidson Zheng, Steve Szigeti and Michael Carnevale: 
Visualizing the Sociotechnical System as an Urban Democratic Resource; the iCity case study.
Jotte I.J.C. de Koning, Emma Puerari, Ingrid J. Mulder and Derk A. Loorbach: 
Landscape of Emerging City Makers: the case of Rotterdam.
Nihal Halimeh, Mahmoud Halimeh and Helen Avery:
Crafting futures in a Lebanese refugee camp: the Burj el Barajneh Souk.


Environment and Sustainability



Systemic Design Pedagogy and Education

Linda Blaasvær and Birger Sevaldson:
Teaching Design for Democracy.