RSD6 Exhibition

Proceedings of RSD6, Relating Systems Thinking and Design 6
Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Oslo, Norway  18th-20th October 2017



18th October to 30th October 2017

Gallery AHO, Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Oslo, Norway

Exhibition Curator: Linda Blaasvær

Adviser and web catalogue: Birger Sevaldson

Assistant: Lawrence Ssekitoleko

Exhibition staff:

Manpreet Kaur

Marie Davidova

Thiago Freitas

Tallaat Haddad


The RSD6 exhibition was displaying gigamaps, synthesis maps, other types of systems maps and project posters from systemic design. It even had an activity component resulting in gigamapping in real time. It also included a physical mapping experiment with object resembling gaming boards.

This online “exhibition catalog” starts with gigamps in action, a real time experimental investigation where the conference participants could contribute in gigamapping the conference. 

We thank all the contributors and hope that the recording of the exhibition will contribute tot he flourishing visual thinking environment that is emerging in the field of Systemic Design.

We also thank Gallery AHO, its curator Søren Sørensen and assistant Lawrence Ssekitoleko for their support.

You can either go directly to the content by following the link, or navigate the exhibition through the index below. All images are linked to bigger versions. Most of these are very large files which make it possible to see the details of the maps. Click the image and after the big versions have uploaded use ctrl + to zoom in.

Linda Blaasvær and Birger Sevaldson

January 2018



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Gigamaps in Action

Evolution of the Digital Health Record

Crafting Futures in Lebanese Refugee Camps

Fight for the Truth: Wrongful Convictions in Canada

How might we use real estate investment as an inclusive community-building tool?

Track me not

Supporting Co-Design in Complex Healthcare Systems

Ground and Semi-Ground Inhabitation: Cappadacia Case Study Thematic GIGA-Map

GIGA-mapping Svalgangs and Skuts


GIGA-mapping the Architectural Performance

Citizens in the Center: a Dialogue Platform for “Smart” Service Development

Systemic Design education at NID

The Interior of Innovation

A Bridge between People

Systemic design inspired by nature: incubating a circular economy based on industrial hemp

Design for Democracy