The RSD symposia are organized according to an agile and light weight principal that keeps the organization to a minimum and keeps the participation fees as low as possible. To follow the idea of a light weight conference we keep it simple and down to earth. This means that we do not serve food or coffee in the breaks. You will buy food in the school cantina that has increased its capacity for the event. Or you can go to one of the nearby cafes or restaurants. 

We will organize a conference dinner event at the school with buffet. For drinks we encourage you to bring a bottle of your local specialty to share for that evening.

The idea supports a friendly and sharing spirit of semi self-organization of the social life around the event. We therefor also will have long breaks and a conference waterhole after the conference and between things. And if you go out for dinner, invite somebody you do not know to join you.



We have three types of tickets. Normal tickets, student tickets and early bird tickets. The Early Bird Tickets are only for normal tickets. Students will prefer to buy a student ticket in any case. The submission form will take you to the Eventbrite registration and payment system.You can pay with Pay Pal or credit cards.



VISA and access to Norway

Norway is generally relatively open to visitors. Norway is part of the Schengen area.
Please check if you need a VISA with the respective Norwegian embassies. You can find contact info to the respective embassies here
For some countries an invitation letter is needed. If you need an invitation letter please send an email to


Special Support program


We are happy to announce a special support program for participants who need financial support to realize their participation. The program has a limited budget. Because of the limited budget we trust that you only apply for support if really needed. The conference nurtures a sharing, inclusive and solidarity spirit.  The program can cover some or all of the conference fee, hotel and travel costs. Presenting participants and participants from developing countries will be prioritized.

Please send an application describing the cause for your need to

The application should contain:

Abstract of submission
Title / possition
Cause of need for support
What kind of support (conference fee, travel, hotel)