RSD7 Proceedings

Proceedings of RSD7, Relating Systems Thinking and Design 7
Politecnico di Torino, Turin, Italy  23th-26th October 2018

Proceedings of RSD7, Relating Systems Thinking and Design
Politecnico di Torino, Turin, Italy 24th-26th October 2018

Book of Abstracts

The book of the RSD7 abstracts ISBN: 978-88-85745-24-7 (PDF)

Book of Proceedings

The book of the RSD7 working papers ISSN: 2371-8404 (PDF)

Keynote Speakers

Luigi Bistagnino
Systemic Approach Generates a New Cultural Paradigm

Pille Bunnell
With a Grain of Salt

Chido Govera
The Future of Hope: Social Care for Sustainable Living

Roberto Iñiguez Flores
Advanced Design Cultures, a learning system perspective

Chelsea Mauldin
Policy Design & Decision Making

Gunter Pauli
Re-designing the Framework: Think natural, Think local

Plenary Lectures

Peter Jones, Stefanos Monastiridis, Alex Ryan , Vanessa Toye, Kristel Van Ael, Philippe Vandenbroeck
State of the art practice: Are we ready for systemic design toolkits?

Birger Sevaldson
Systemic Design Association

Simon Widmer
Practitioner insights on systemic change from the New Plastics Economy initiative


Bellefontaine ​T., Soliman M.
Integrating systems design and behavioral science to address a public sector challenges from within

Faiz K., Faiz P., Adha Binti Nordin N., McDonagh D., Woodcock A., Binti Shamsul Harumain Y. A.
Permeating the barriers between the individual and policy designers in Pakistan: A cross-cultural study of women’s mobility

Fassio F., Tecco N.
Turin Food Atlas: Sharing knowledge towards urban food policies to develop circular cities

Feast L.
Constitutional realism and sustainability: Lessons learned from a systemic design investigation of New Zealand’s democratic system

Mastroeni M.
Smart specialization in non-metro Canadian regions

Mehta N., Richard C., Raut S. , Nahar P.
A systems approach to sustainability in space

Metzner-Szigeth A.
Eco-Social transformations: Leading principles and generative forces

Muirhead L. , Mosse R., Hachey A. , Scott N.
Integration of multiple approaches into the Social Lab practice: A case study from a social and public innovation lab in New Brunswick, Canada.

Paulsen  A., Wildhagen B., Sevaldson B.
Gearing up the level of systems oriented design in public sector: Case, experiences and learning from the Stimulab innovation program

Peter K. and Kerr H.
Alternative narratives on economic growth: Prototyping change at the system level

Stamatopoulou A.
Mapping-and-designing (in) relationally composed fields

Taverna A., Mortati M.
A reflection on connecting complexity theory and design for policy

Wildhagen B.
Understanding variations of entanglement and complexity: A way to influence expectations of service and systems oriented design in public sector


Dal Palù D., Coraglia V., Lerma B.
The dark side of high tech precious materials recovery: Overview on the critical issues, opportunities and best practices from a material library point of view

Darzentas J., Darzentas J., de Bruin A., Power M., Prado P., Carmien S., Hobbs E.
Systemic Design in food security and resilience: Building a holon

Giordano R., Montacchini E., Tedesco S.
Building the fashion’s future: How to turn textiles’ wastes into ecological building products

Konietzko J., Bocken N., Hultink E.J.
Business experiments for circular urban food systems

Savio L., Thiebat F., Bosia D., Pennacchio R., Manni V.
Natural fibers insulation panels: an adaptive production

Van der Velden M., Geirbo H. C.
Repair = Care: Systems stories from Norway and Ghana


Das B., Nahar P.
Circular economic service system sesign for community-based flood resilience: Designing a collaborative grain storage and service system for the annually flood prone communities of Assam, India

Fiore E.
New strategies for the refrigerator in the transition towards a circular economy

Germak C., Giuliano L., Abbate L.
Co-design processes for cleaning and facilities services system

Lomas J., Patel N., Forlizzi J.
Continuous Improvement: How systems design can benefit the data-driven design community

Tamborrini P., Remondino C., Marino C.
Data, fashion system and systemic design approach: An information flow strategy to enhance sustainability

Valpreda F., Cataffo M.
Participatory design for service robotics


Ambrogio F., Comino E., Dominici L., Rosso M.
The use of water for technical development or technical development for the use of water?

Battistoni C., Barbero S.
Systemic Design for territorial development: Ecosystem to support autopoietic local economies

Bofylatos S., Kampasi I., Spyrou T.
Designing resilient creative communities through biomimetic service design

Bozzola M., De Giorgi C.
Packaging reconditioned household appliances

Bucci D., Franconi A., Piovesan F., Tagliazucchi S.
Analyzing OvestLab’s collaborative regeneration process through a systemic design lens

Cattozzo L., Marotta L.
Landscapes and systemic design: Po river Delta (Italy) case

Giraldo Nohra C., Barbero S.
Post-industrial areas on the lens of systemic design towards flourishing urban resilience

Lambiase N.
Mapping the circle: Systemic analysis of the experiences of circular economy in Italy through an app

Lemos Oliveira Mendonça R. M., Ribeiro de Mello E. M., de Oliveira Nery S., Horacio M. P., Romeiro Filho E.
Systemic network around education and community gardens

Schaus M.
Narrative and Value: Authorship in the story of money

Toso D., Luthe T., Kiss T.
The Systemic Design approach applied to water treatment in the Alpine region

Varanasi U.
Life conservation; A study into systemic design for wildlife


Campagnaro C., Ceraolo S., Di Prima N.
Systemic and participatory design processes in care systems

Eriksson D., Turnstedt L.
The Nordics as world leaders in sustainable healthcare and why it matters to you

Gharavi N., Hozhabri  M.
@Home in Transition. Encouraging asylum seekers towards more self-driven approaches to navigate the unknown they are surrounded with

Kumar A., Wagle P., Bandarkar V., Nahar P.
Design for the taste-makers: System oriented social innovation for improving the living condition of salt pan labourers

Kumar G. N., Gupta I., Ruchatz J., Nahar P.
Ethos design for a good quality life: Building an innovation framework for individuals and organizations towards resilience and cognitive flexibility

Landa-Avila I. C., Escobar-Tello C., Jun G.T.
Holistic outcome-based approach towards sustainable design healthcare: Aligning the system purpose through system visualisation

Nie Z., Zurlo F.
Human-centered approach for flourishing: Discovering the value of service ecosystem design in psychosocial career counselling service

Rygh K., Støren Berg M., Romm J., Morrison A.
Pre-fuzzy front end alignment of multiple stakeholders in healthcare service innovation – unpacking complexity through service and systems oriented design in Strategy Sandboxes

Savina A., Vrenna M., Menzardi P., Peruccio P. P.
The impact of food production on public health: Systemic strategies for a diffused and transversal prevention plan


Barba E., Osborn J.R.
Measuring sophistication in systemic design and computing

Besplemennova Y., Tassi R.
Systems thinking for service design

Boehnert J.
The visual representation of complexity: Sixteen key characteristics of complex systems

Chaplin H., Christopherson K.
Re-defining journalism education: Using systems thinking and design to revolutionize the future of storytelling

Chung Y., Renaux J., Chikermane V., Rajani J.J.
Co-designing a social innovation model for changemakers

Darzentas J., Darzentas J.
Perspectives on systemic design: Examining heterogeneous relevant literature to provide a historical and ‘systemically inspired’ review

Davidová M.
Trans-co-design in a systemic approach to architectural performance: The multi-layered media and agency in creative design and its processes

Jamsin E.
Computational models in systemic design

Jones P.
Evolutionary stakeholder discovery: Requisite system sampling for co-creation

Lockton D.
Old Rope: Laing’s Knots and Bateson’s double binds in systemic design

Luthe T.
Systemic Design Labs (SDL): Incubating systemic design skills through experiential didactics and nature-based creativity

Maessen C., van Houten S., van der Lugt R.
Future probing for prodaptive organizations

Marines Hernández L. E.
Mapping disciplinary mobility for tackling complex problems

Matic G., Matic A.
Design for emergence: Enabling stakeholder liminal transitions and innovation value pivoting through complex systemic transformations

Murphy R.
Finding the emic in systemic design: Towards systemic ethnography

Murphy R., Jones P.
Give me the place to stand: Leverage analysis in systemic design

Passia Y., Roupas P.
The Contingent City: decoding the possibilities of the city’s sociospatial metabolism

Perera D.
Wicked problems, wicked humor: Fun machines as a method to frame wicked problems in architecture

Real M., Lizarralde  I.
A constructivist and soft view of systemic design: A tribute to Jean Michel Larrasquet’s work

Sevaldson B.
Beyond user-centric design

Silverman H., Rome C.
Distinctions and Analogies: Mapping Social System Identity

Snow T.
Regenerative Value Systems – Model(s) illustrating flows and transformations of value within production systems

Sweeting B.
Radically constructing place

Tekogul I.
Design as adaptation

Thompson W.T., Mesquita Da Silva F., Steier F.
Binocular vision of designing process for whole systems design crossing boundaries

Van Alstyne G., Skelton C., Nan Cheng S.
Systemic design and its discontents: Designing for emergence and accountability

Van Gessel C., Van der Lugt R., De Vries R.
Socionas: Bringing the systemic view into the design for health and sustainability

Vargas Espitia A., Guataquira Sarmiento N. A., Àlvarez Quintero C. D., Rugeles Joya W. R.
Integration of methodologies through an academic toolkit for the design of products services systems for sustainability : SPSS in Colombian contexts

Vezzoli C., Basbolat C.
System design for sustainability for all: SPSS design applied to distributed economies

Zivkovic S.
The early stage analysis of a systemic innovation lab