RSD9 India!

Well-being, be it of the planet or our bodies or of surroundings forms the core of meaningful existence. Well-being is the experience of health, happiness, and prosperity, including good mental health, life satisfaction, being socially connected and a sense of purpose. Being humane is to be marked by compassion and empathy not only for humans but the surroundings. Moreover, the well-being of our bodies, surroundings and larger planets are all interconnected.

In our myopic race towards progress humans have forgotten this interdependent aspect of the world, putting the entire planet and its beings deeper into issues of climate change, food scarcity, financial instability, energy shortages and resource unavailability. It is only through the lens of systemic thinking, with an understanding of the relational nature of action on any scale being resonated at all levels, can resolving of these issues be meaningful. We can with shifting our focus to a holistic human service approach and revisiting our ‘ways of understanding’ synchronise nature’s dynamic balance and our well-being.